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Since the sexual life of man is relatively simple compared with that of woman, most of the space of this chapter must be devoted to the latter. Only a few words need be said regarding hygiene that applies particularly to men. Apart from ordinary cleanliness, sex hygiene for men is chiefly negative, consisting in clearing from the mind all the nonsense which one learns in early youth from knowing boys in the neighborhood or later from ignorant adults.
As for cleanliness, this has been covered in the preceding paragraphs. A word may be added, however, for the benefit of the boy or young man who is not circumcised, and whose parents have failed to teach him how to bathe completely. His attention may not be called to the accumulation of secretions around the root of the glans penis, until he happens to be examined by a physician. When asked by the physician to draw back his foreskin, he often has difficulty in doing so, but on succeeding, to his surprise he finds beneath it a considerable deposit of secretions which have become caked and offensive in smell. He is told to make it a part of each bath to cleanse this region. Although drawing back the foreskin may be a little painful at first and the glans penis may be very sensitive to the touch, it soon ceases to be so, and thereafter it is a simple matter to keep the genitals clean. Sometimes, however, the foreskin cannot be drawn back, and in such cases a circumcision should be performed. Some parents prefer to have this operation performed in infancy in order to preclude later difficulties, but circumcision is usually not necessary if parents will teach boys to bathe properly.
Other matters of hygiene, such as wearing a supporter during exercise or work in which the genitals might be injured, are so much a part of general custom that they do not need to be mentioned, although even here one finds false notions, especially among small boys, as to the dire effects of minor injuries to the testicles, which they affirm may "ruin" one for life.
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