The male breasts have nipples and areolas but have little underlying glandular tissue or fatty padding. The male nipple and areola seem to be less sensitive to touch and pressure than the same structures in adult females. Nevertheless, some males find that having their breasts or nipples stroked or licked is sexually arousing. Others do not notice any erotic pleasure from such practices.
Sometimes one or both of a male's breasts may become enlarged. This condition, called gynecomastia, occurs in 40 to 60 percent of boys during puberty but usually disappears within a year or two. In adulthood, it may be caused by alcoholism, liver disease, thyroid disease, drug ingestion, or certain forms of cancer. When gynecomastia is so severe that it creates major psychological problems, it can be corrected by relatively simple surgery.
The male breasts can also become enlarged if a man takes estrogen over a period of time. Most male-to-female transsexuals undergo such treatment. We have also seen a case in which a man unwittingly took birth control pills for several months, causing the same result.
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