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We have already seen how scientific perspectives gradually emerged as a general source of influence in almost every sphere of human endeavor. Certain scientific and technological developments, however, contributed even more directly to the sexual revolution.
Again, these factors did not emerge overnight but rather exercised their influence over a relatively long period of time. Thus, the explicit acknowledgment of the importance of sexuality by Freud and Havelock Ellis in the early 1900s was followed by the significant work of anthropologists Margaret Mead and Bronislaw Malinowski. Both of these social scientists studied and described in detail the courtship, mating, and sexual behaviors of several relatively so-called primitive cultures, thereby revealing the plasticity and relativism of sexuality. During the next thirty to forty years, other social scientists followed these pioneering efforts, which culminated in the work of Alfred Kinsey and his associates. For our purposes, their significance is highlighted by the claim that the Kinsey report served as a bench mark for the sexual revolution.
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