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The majority of the studies done with SP have used a proprietary brand called Permixon, available in Europe, which contains 160 mg of SP extract. As a consequence, most of the vitamin companies marketing SP in the States have also chosen to include 160 mg in their capsules.
There is no reason that the pills have to contain exactly 160 mg. It's just the dosage a company called Pierre Fabre Medicaments picked many years ago in order to standardize their formulation. It's likely that a range of dosages, possibly anywhere from 100 mg to 200 mg twice daily, would work. However, excessive doses are not necessarily more effective. In a study done in Germany, 49 patients were randomized to receive either 160 mg of SP twice daily or 480 mg twice daily. After a 6 month trial, both groups were found to have similar benefits. It's theoretically possible that a higher dose of SP taken initially for a week or two may provide quicker benefits. No studies have been published evaluating this option. I know one physician who recommends patients initially start on 360 mg 3 times per day for a week and then lower the dosage to 160 mg twice a day.
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