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Although it is one of the first things our patients mention, having sex less often than you used to or think you should does not necessarily mean you or your partner have a sexual desire disorder. Desire is an internal psychological state, and so it cannot be accurately measured by external standards. Frequency of sex is, in fact, an especially unreliable indicator of sexual desire. For one thing, many people have sex when they do not actually desire it. Believing that marital sex in particular is a duty or obligation, many men and women merely comply with their partners' wishes. Others want to please their partners or prove they've still got what it takes, and consciously decide ahead of time to have sex without feeling turned on.
Conversely and perhaps more commonly, many people feel desire more often than they make love. They may truly be interested in having sex, but choose not to because of fatigue, stress, or lack of time, opportunity, or a suitable partner..
While it often affects how often you make love, ISD always affects the internal process that creates interest in sex, an appetite that in turn prompts you to seek out sexual opportunities, become receptive to sexual overtures, or actually engage in sexual activity. When sexual desire is inhibited, the circuits in the brain's sexual pleasure center shut down. Like Al, who insists he would not be turned on by "a really sexy young girl" sitting on his lap and starting to undress, people with sexual desire problems do not respond, barely respond, or switch off their responses to external sexual cues. Few, if any, psychological wants or needsfrom interest in physical pleasure or a desire to increase intimacy to relief from lonelinessactivate their sexual desire. In fact, consciously or unconsciously, a wide range of negative thoughts and feelings are used to squelch sexual feelings, inhibiting desire before it is strong enough to move these individuals toward actual sexual activity. Just when they begin to enjoy their sexual feelings and look forward to the prospect of making love, some ISD sufferers suddenly and inexplicably feel uncomfortable, tense, angry, anxious, or repelled by their partners. Others don't even get that far; they simply feel nothing at all.
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